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We humans have learnt how to control the world outside of us, but we have very little control of the world inside of us. All my works intend to point to the inner working of ourselves to question our existence in our current state of consciousness, as I believe that we cannot undo today's major problems in the same consciousness as we made them.

Through my multimedia practice I explore notions of artificiality and nature. I am fascinated with organic and inorganic means of communication and the relationship they have on our idea of being. Utilising a variety of mediums, to explore ideas in many forms, I ask viewers to think about their position in the present climate of globalisation and environmentalism in advocating contemplation toward a more humanitarian future.

In the correlation between the natural and the built environments, my works mainly take the form of instillations that investigate the perception of inner and outer space. Focusing on the garden as my central framework to talk about spiritual, political and social aspects of the human condition to delve into questioning concepts of consciousness.


To view MERISMOS, a text piece by Sean Ferrari, click here.